Suzuki DF225

The DF225 has the same highly advanced 3614cc V6 four stroke engine as the DF250.

Features include a 55-degree V-cylinder block - an industry first;

DOHC 24-valve powerhead and digital sequential fuel injection with high performance plate type injectors providing superior fuel atomisation and cleaner combustion.

A powerful 32-bit on board computer ensures that the motor is running at optimum efficiency throughout the power band in and in all operating conditions.

The offset drive shaft provides a big 2.26:1 gear ratio which drives a 16inch prop giving fast acceleration and top speed whilst a 54 amp alternator producing 32 amps at only 1000rpm keeps electrics running even at trolling speeds.

The DF225 also incorporates multi-stage intake manifold to enhance engine performance by changing the way the engine breathes at different speeds.

Transom height:  X: 635
Weight: : X: 263Kg, 

Bore x Stroke:  95x85mm
Propeller Selection (pitch): 17-27.5"
Starting System: :Electric
Engine Type: DOHC 24 Valve
Fuel Delivery System: Multi point sequential electronic fuel injection
No. of Cylinders: V6 (55 Degree)
Piston Displacement cm3: 3614cc
Maximum Output: 165kw
Full Throttle Operating Range: 5000-6000
Steering: Remote
Oil Pan Capacity: 8.0L
Ignition System: Fully Transistorised
Trim Method: Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Ratio: 2.29:1
Gear Shift:  F-N-R 
Exhaust: Through Prop Exhaust

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