DF175 TG
Suzuki DF175TG

This powerful inline four cylinder four-stroke outboard is engineered with some of the most advanced technologies on the market providing boaters with greater performance, convenience, and efficiency.

The 175TG outboard takes full advantage of the Suzuki Lean Burn Control System and Suzuki Precision Control — two advanced technologies derived from Suzuki’s flagship DF300AP and DF250AP outboards.

The Lean Burn Control System is an intelligent fuel management system that is providing more and more Suzuki four strokes with amazing fuel efficiency — up to a 15% improvement  from the current DF150 and DF175 models, helping boaters go further and faster for less.

Suzuki Precision Control is a drive-by-wire throttle control and shift system that provides instant control of fuel and airflow for further improvements in fuel efficiency over a wider operating range. The system also offers easy rigging and set up plus smoother and more precise throttle and shift operation.

Transom height: L:508 X: 635
Weight: : L: 223Kg, X: 228Kg, 

Bore x Stroke:  97x97mm
Propeller Selection (pitch): 15-27.5"
Starting System: :Electric
Engine Type: DOHC 16 Valve
Fuel Delivery System: Multi point sequential electronic fuel injection
No. of Cylinders: 4
Piston Displacement cm3: 2867cc
Maximum Output: 129kw
Full Throttle Operating Range: 5500-6100
Steering: Remote
Oil Pan Capacity: 8.0L
Ignition System: Fully Transistorised
Trim Method: Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Ratio: 2.50:1
Gear Shift:  F-N-R Drive By Wire
Exhaust: Through Prop Exhaust

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