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Riber Sit-In Kayaks

Riber 1001 Sit In Kayak

This is a great starter kayak for someone just getting their bearings. 

​Length: 292cm
Width: 77cm
Height: 32cm
Weight: 21kg
Capacity: 160kg

Riber 1016 White Water Tourer

​​​​​​​This white water tourer has been specially designed to be capable of handling a wide range of descents.

​Length: 265cm
Width: 68cm
Height: 35cm
Weight: 23kg
Capacity: 120kg

Riber Junior Kayaks

Riber 1029 Junior Sit On Top Kayak
This easy to use junior sit on top kayak is perfect for keeping your little ones entertained on holidays or weekends away and will help to introduce them to paddle sports.

Length: 184cm
Width: 64cm
Height: 24cm
Weight: 10kg
Capacity: 60kg

Riber Sit-On top Kayaks

Riber 1003 Family Sit On Top Kayak

This kayak has room for all the family with two full size adult seats and one smaller seat for a child. The smaller seat can also double up as storage.

​Length: 365cm
Width: 85cm
Height: 28cm
Weight: 32kg
Capacity: 300kg

Riber 1005 One Man Sit On Top Kayak

Suitable for riders of any ability, this kayak provides an easy to manoeuvre ride thanks to the built in keel that runs the length of the hull and a removable skeg for better tracking,

​Length: 286cm
Width: 77cm
Height: 26cm
Weight: 20kg
Capacity: 130kg

Riber 1027 Sit On Top Kayak
This is the perfect sit on top for beginners. It's simple and lightweight construction makes it an easy to use piece of kit for anyone starting out in the sport.

​Length: 260cm
Width: 72cm
Height: 26cm
Weight: 18kg
Capacity: 130kg