Call : 028 38 34 39 11
Call : 028 38 34 39 11

A warning lamp with audio warns the operator of over-rev, low oil pressure or over heat.
All electric start models feature a manual recoil starter for peace of mind and safety in the case of a drained battery.
Water cooled fuel cooler minimizes vapor lock and hot fuel issues.
Multi-function tiller handle controls shift, stop, throttle, throttle friction and steering for one hand operation.
Inherent four-stroke characteristics include quiet, smooth operation and exceptional idling.
Running Quality
Sequential EFI independently calibrates the exact amount of fuel needed by each cylinder, for unmatched smoothness, turn-key starting and instantaneous throttle response.
All models come standard with a 15 amp/186 watt alternator.
Mechanical, and power trim models available to suit your needs.
Tuned air intake runners eliminate water intrusion and greatly reduce noise levels.
Throttle Only feature delivers easy starting in the rare case that the engine floods.
5-Year Warranty

Horsepower: 30 hp (22.07 kw)
Dry weight: 78 kg
RPM ranger: 5250-6250
Displacement: 526 cc
Cylinder layout: In-line
Number of cylinders: 3
Starting: Electric or manual
Alternator system power: 186 watt
Trim positions: Gas assist or Power trim
Induction system: 2-valve single overhead cam design
Gear shift: Forward (F) - Neutral (N) - Reverse (R)
Gear ratio: 1.92:1
Steering: Tiller or Remote
Boat transom type: 381 mm (S) - 508 mm (L)
Fuel system: EFI
Fuel type: Gasoline
Fuel requirement: Unleaded 90 RON min.
Engine technology: 
4 strokes
CE category: Non RCD